Ever since the introduction of online casinos, there was a massive increase in the different types of online slots for gaming. With different playing rules and winning criteria, online slot lovers have a wide selection of the type of online slots to play. Some of the common types of online slots are discussed here in.

Classic Slots

Also known as 3 reel slots, this slot game is one of the original slot games played on land based casinos with mechanical reels. Today this game has moved to online casinos with the reels being computerized. Players would win if they match any 3 matching symbols. Most classic online slots like using the fruit symbol, but you can still find some with a variety of symbols. Even though 3 reel slots are liked by players as they pay more than the 5 reel slot, the amounts are usually smaller.

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Video slots

Video slots are one of the most common online slots today. It is also referred to as the 5 reel slot as it has 5 reels and paylines from 1 to over 100. There are a variety of different video slots to play, from those that feature movie stars to super hero and alien video slots.

Mega Spin Slots

The mega spin slots is meant for online slot lovers who want to push the game to the next level as the mega spin slots has a lot of excitement. With the mega spin slots, you are able to play up to 9 games at once. Once you are set, clicking the spin button will spin all the number of slots you selected. The mega spin slots is preferred by those who want to increases their chances of winning.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots have become popular as one has an opportunity to win a jackpot. In progressive slots, a number of slot machines share a jackpot price. Every time one plays progressive slots and does not win, the jackpot increases. The jackpot will continue increasing until there is a lucky winner. There are however rules that players should comply with before being eligible to participate in the jackpot. One of the biggest progressive slots is the Mega Moolah.

3D Slots

3D slots are online slots that generate images that are in 3D. This images are lifelike and enhances gaming experience as they are combined with dynamic content. When playing 3D slots, one will feel like they are watching a movie. 3D slots come in different formats and mostly powered by software from big industry players like Microgaming.

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