Bonuses For New Players In City Club Online Casino

City Club rolls out the red carpet for new players with new June specials designed for every preference and pocketbook.

As usual, the casino welcomes low-budget and even free players with their many attractive packages. They recognize that many folks want to test the water without any cash outlay before playing for keeps. Some never do make the transition and City Club has no problem at all with that either.

For example, Casino Club is available in a free play downloadable version or in the exciting flash genre. In the live game room, it’s more of the same with Playtech serving up an array of quality sound, true-to-life graphics, and the latest game categories. City Club is redefining what it means to be truly cutting-edge in the world of online gaming.

New players traditionally enjoy the luxury of choosing from any of six unique bonus packages. All are custom designed and tailored to fit almost any gaming preference or pocket.

For example, the first deposit “Choose Your Game” promo includes:

· 40% on Non-Progressive Slots, with $400 limit

· 100% on Non-Progressive and Progressive Slots, with $400 limit

· 50% on cards, $100 limit

· 50% on tables, $100 limit

· 25% on Video Poker, $100 limit

· 20% on all games, $200 limit

The Bonus packages offer more “meat” to chew on, meaning the initial deposit comes with an attractive cash infusion. For example, the Card Games bonus – which includes Three Card Poker or Blackjack – has the 50% bonus. That means you can start out with as much as $200 in your account and get $100 on top of that for free. You start out playing with $300 instead of just $200.

Same with tables, and with Non-Progressive and Progressive slots it’s a whopping 100% add-on up to $400!!!. That means if you deposit an initial $400, City Club will throw in another $400. You start off with an incredible $800 and double the chances of winning.

And with City Club, the odds of that happening are among the highest in the industry. It’s not at all unusual for jackpots to hit the million dollar target and keep on climbing.

This month City Club has added two exciting new bonuses to encourage first-time gamers:

1) For one thing, there’s a 400% first deposit bonus. That means if the new player starts out with a $100 deposit, City Club Casino contributes a 400% bonus of $400. So the new player starts out with a cache of $500 to work with. That can be used for a wide variety of games offered by the Club.

2) In addition, there’s a $5,600 welcome bonus offered as a loyalty incentive. That’s on top of the 400% first deposit bonus! It means that you get a 100% bonus on a weekly basis for your first year as a regular player at City Club. Those weekly bonuses add up and when you factor in the 400% first deposit bonus that’s a grand total of $5,600 for the year, courtesy of City Club Online.

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